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Tickets - $20
In the Greenbank area tickets are available at:

Blue Heron Books, 62 Brock St West,in Uxbridge, 905-852-4282

Three Doors Down,160 Queen St, Port Perry, 905-985-8902

P O E Design, 146 Queen St, in Port Perry, 905-985-0060
Tickets are also available by calling 905-985-8351 or 905-852-7578.


The Greenbank Folk Music Society
2004-2005 Concert Listing

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October 16, 2004
Jenny Whiteley

From Jenny's web site

An accomplished and gifted singer and songwriter whose lyrics capture the soul and essence of real life experiences, Jenny Whiteley makes you believe she has decades of anecdotes to draw from.

Jenny’s fans have been following her career for many years. From her days as the singer/bass player with the Toronto upstart bluegrass band Heartbreak Hill (who garnered a Juno nomination for their only recording "Heartbreak Hill", in 1998) to the release of "Jenny Whiteley" which won her the Best Roots/Traditional - Solo Juno in 2000, and the touring that followed that release through the States and Canada. Jenny is well known as a ballad writer, John Tyrone, Gloria and Lonnie being some of her most recognized characters. She is also known for stepping outside the confines of the traditional content of a bluegrass song, covering topics from stalkers to hermit-lady farmers and face-down-on-the-floor drunks on her first album.



November 20, 2004
Guy Davis

From Guy's web site

Whether Guy Davis is appearing on "Late Night With Conan O’Brien" or David Dye’s "World Café" adio program, in front of 15,000 people on the Main Stage at the famed Winnipeg Folk Festival, or an intimate gathering of students at a Music Camp, Guy feels the instinctive desire to give each listener his ‘all’.

His ‘all’ is the Blues.

The routes, and roots, of his blues are as diverse as the music form itself. It can be soulful, moaning out a people’s cry, or playful and bouncy as a hayride.

Guy can tell you stories of his great-grandparents and his grandparents, their days as track linemen, and of their interactions with the KKK. He can also tell you that as a child raised in middle-class New York suburbs, the only cotton he’s personally picked is his BVDs up off the floor.

He's a musician, composer, actor, director, and writer. But most importantly, Guy Davis is a ‘Bluesman’. The blues permeates every corner of Davis' creativity.



December 4, 2004
Night Sun
"Night Sun's particular blend of classically trained musicianship, intelligent songwriting and infectious rhythm work makes them irresistible to audiences. They have HEART, SKILL and IMAGINATION. Add eclecticism and a unique, mature songwriting voice and their potential becomes exceptional."

-Grit Laskin, President, The Borealis Recording Company



January 22, 2005
Sneezy Waters & Zeke Mazurek
Sneezy and Zeke first met while street singing in Toronto in 1974 and have remained friends and musical cohorts ever since. Maintaining independant musical careers, when this pair get together they play an incredible array of folk, blues, country and world gems, offering full energy, top notch fiddle and guitar work along with a highly entertaining and manic stage presence. Sneezy and Zeke are pleased to appear at the Greenbank Folk Club as part of their A Little Bit at a Time World Tour 2005.

Sneezy and Zeke have played all the major folk festivals, most major Canadian TV networks, and pretty well coast to coast, east to west, north to south Canada and a bit in the States and Europe.



February 19, 2005
Be Bop Cowboys

From their web site:

The Bebop Cowboys have developed a reputation for outstanding song arrangements and stellar musicianship. Each of the five players brings an impressive set of influences and pedigree to the mix. In addition to his long apprenticeship to the blues, harp player Howard Willett’s whisky-soaked baritone offers reverential readings of classic western swing and country in a manner that clearly shows how dear this music is to his heart. Noted jazz guitarist Steve Briggs devises arrangements that portray a deep knowledge of the jazz and country-western canon. And in steel player Burke Carroll (George Fox), drummer John Adames (Prairie Oyster) and string bassist Dennis Pinhorn (Downchild), The Bebop Cowboys have the musical ingredients to serve up a hot brand of Western Swing rarely if ever heard outside Texas and Southern California. Most of all, they deliver the goods with the obvious excitement of top-shelf musicians playing for the sheer joy of it. They've most recently stoked the fire with a slew of original tunes of their own, featured on their second CD (Spring 2003). As Steve says:

“We’d all be really happy if we could keep getting together to play this music two or three times a week for the rest of our lives.”



March 19, 2005
Russell deCarle
Prairie Oyster front man and bassist Russell deCarle has earned 5 Juno awards and numerous CCMA and Big Country Music Awards. His unique vocal style and seasoned songwriting technique have kept Russell at the forefront of Canadian country music. DeCarle has also been awarded the SOCAN’s Song of the Year twice.


April 16, 2005
Ken Hamm

From Ken's site:

Regarded internationally as one of the most sensational Delta blues guitarists, Ken Hamm consistantly delights his audience with a score of authentic, raw blues songs and instrumentals. He makes the songs his own, both with his distinctive style of playing and with vocals rich with inflection and feeling. He coaxes insistant, driving rhythms from his two vintage guitars, accompanied by lots of foot stomping. Ken Hamm comes across as a man totally at one with the music of bygone days.


May 14, 2005
Tim Williams

From Tim's web site:

Tim Williams is a blues-based singer / songwriter / multi - instrumentalist. He is a 30 year veteran of the 'Roots' music scene in North America, roots which stretch back to the coffee-house scene of his native California in the mid 60's.

Settling in Canada in 1970, Tim is a studio musician, producer, and a performer in constant demand. He has played Folk / Blues / Jazz festivals and concert halls and clubs from Halifax, to Vancouver Island, to the Yukon.

Inspired by the Hillbilly and Western Swing music he heard as a child, Tim absorbed late Fifties Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, Hawaiian and Mexican music, early Sixties Folk, and Bluegrass “like a sponge” before discovering a passion for traditional blues styles which was fueled by seeing many first generation blues musicians live during the “Blues Boom” of the mid and late Sixties."